Sunny Wang, Dominique Tsai forget to hand out wedding favours

Celeb couple completely knackered after day-long festivities

Sunny 1

Newlyweds Sunny Wang and Dominique Tsai were having so much fun dancing and drinking at their wedding in Sydney on December 27 that they forgot to hand out the wedding favours they had prepared for their guests.

The gifts, which included sweets from the Australian department store David Jones and a gold rose brooch, were moved to the hotel the wedding guests were staying at and given out the following day.

And after the guests left, friends and groomsmen kept Sunny and Dominique up to play games until 3 a.m. Having slept just five hours the night before because they stayed up to discuss their wedding, Sunny and Dominique crashed once their friends left.

Asked whether he wanted to have children, Sunny said he’d always liked kids, but he would take things slowly, and added he and Dominique weren’t avoiding getting pregnant.

Sunny, 33, a Taiwanese-American actor, married Dominique, 29, a Taiwan-based Australian singer, at Darling Point in Sydney.

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Sunny Wang marries Dominique Tsai in Sydney  

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