Sunny Wang’s heart-thumping honeymoon

The actor remained in Australia after his romantic wedding to Dominique Tsai

Sunny Wang’s heart-thumping honeymoon

Taiwanese-American actor Sunny Wang tied the knot with his sweetheart, Dominique Tsai, in Sydney on Dec 27. Following which, the newlyweds remained in Australia for their honeymoon, which was a little more extreme than their wedding.

The couple decided to go diving near the Neptune Islands, which is a three-hour ride from Port Lincoln. Their goal: to swim with the sharks.

Dominique remarked, “We’ve seen small whale sharks in the Philippines but wanted to see bigger sharks.” Describing their journey, Sunny shared that they took time to fish for tuna to lure the sharks near their cage but were repeatedly told that there was no guarantee that the Great Whites would appear.

Sunny Wang’s heart-thumping honeymoon

The actor originally thought that they would be able to freely swim with the sharks and was disappointed when he found out that they had to be enclosed in cages due to safety regulations. The pair managed to see two sharks this time, each with an estimated body length of four metres.

Sharing that the cage shook a lot during their time underwater, Sunny continued, “I realised that (the sharks) are the real masters of the ocean (when I saw them). I respect them a lot and humans shouldn’t mess around in the ocean.”

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