Sunny Wang successfully proposed to Dominique Tsai

The Taiwanese actor spent one month to prepare for the surprise proposal 

Sunny Wang successfully proposed to Dominique Tsai

Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang has successfully proposed to his Taiwanese-Australian singer girlfriend Dominique Tsai on her 29th birthday on Monday, barely four months after they got back together.

Sunny and Dominique first met in National Taiwan Normal University where they were taking Chinese lessons in 2005. Romance brew between the pair two years later, but their long-distance relationship did not last long.

After reuniting last December, the couple have been very much in love and shared that they are each other’s potential life partner. Besides displaying their affections on social media and going on vacations together, Dominique also brought Sunny to visit her parents during Chinese New Year. Dominique’s father is said to think well of his future son-in-law.

On Monday, Sunny posted a picture of Dominque’s back view on Instagram. He wrote: “Happy Birthday Dizzy! Wish you a joyous, healthy, and prosperous year. You are the most amazing and special person in this world to me. I'm so lucky you came back into my life. We will always be united by and me against the world Bubz. (sic)”

Using her birthday celebration as disguise, Sunny gave his girlfriend a huge surprise by popping the question during the party. According to sources, the actor specially made arrangements for Dominique’s and his parents to fly from Australia and China respectively, to witness their engagement. The couple, their parents and Sunny’s aged grandparents were moved to tears during the event.

Sources also revealed that Sunny spent one month to prepare for the proposal, while Dominique was kept in the dark. The 32-year-old bought loose diamonds to be made into a ring that he personally designed.

Sunny Wang successfully proposed to Dominique Tsai

Yesterday, Dominique posted a picture of the cake on Facebook to share her bliss. “I said: ‘Oh my god, I do.’ I was so happy that I cried,” she wrote. The singer has also been singing praises of her fiancé to her friends by describing how “sweet and handsome” Sunny is.

Following news of the engagement, Sunny’s ex-lover Elva Hsiao expressed her well wishes for the actor. “I heard that he has found his true love. I am very happy for him,” the singer said.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese socialite Judy Sun thinks that her godson Sunny has matured a lot and that the couple are very compatible. “They both lived abroad and have similar education background. Both of them love sports too. Now Dominique needs to start calling me ‘godmother’ too,” she chortled.

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