Tammy Chen accepts boyfriend’s proposal

The couple has dated for only three months 

Tammy Chen accepts boyfriend’s proposal
Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen (Yi Rong) has accepted her plastic surgeon boyfriend Xue Boren’s proposal, just three months after they started dating.

Sources revealed that the couple met via mutual friends and quickly fell in love with each other as they got along very well.

Currently filming a new drama in Yunlin, China, Tammy appeared to be very calm when she learned that her relationship came to light yesterday. “I know he is Mr. Right. We just need the right timing [to get married],” she shared.

According to media reports, Boren is divorced with a son from his previous marriage. When asked if her parents have any objections to their romance, Tammy denied it and said: “He didn’t hide anything about his past which I don’t really care about. What matters is the future that we are going to spend together.”

Due to her packed schedule, the 35-year-old actress is expected to wrap filming in May and will only have time to prepare for her wedding in the second half of the year. 

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