Tarcy Su gives birth to baby boy

The Taiwanese singer delivered the baby via cesarean section yesterday

Tarcy Su gives birth to baby boy

Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su and husband Jimmy Sun welcomed their first child yesterday. The 44-year-old gave birth to the 3.1kg baby boy via cesarean section, within an hour of admission into the hospital.

Tarcy shared the good news on Facebook by posting a picture of the newborn baby’s footprints. She wrote: “This is a moment of joy. We have a long way ahead. I hope you will grow up healthily and happily. Treat this world like an amusement park and have lots of fun! There are many things that I want to say, but we have plenty of time in the future. Love you.”

Tarcy and Jimmy were moved to tears when they first saw their child, whom they nicknamed “Di Di” (little brother) as they have yet to decide on a name for the boy.

According to Tarcy’s manager, the singer was not in suitable condition to speak to the media after the operation. “Every mother wishes for their child to be healthy and Tarcy decided to breastfeed [her baby]. Even though she was unable to sit up immediately, she managed to breastfeed for the first time while lying down with the nurse’s help,” her manager added. 

Tarcy Su gives birth to baby boy

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