Tarcy Su said to be three-months pregnant

The singer did not respond directly to the rumours on her pregnancy

44岁苏慧伦被爆怀孕3个月 全面停工安胎1.jpg

Taiwanese singer Tarcy Su (Su Hui Lun) is rumoured to be pregnant for three months after she got married to businessman Sun Yi Min this March. He has a seven-year-old daughter from his previous marriage and it is said that Tarcy successfully conceived in the fourth month of their marriage.

The 44-year-old was spotted shopping for food and bedsheets and was seen taking occasional breaks on the couch yesterday. She is suspected to be in the first trimester of her pregnancy and is reportedly suffering from backaches. 

Tarcy declined to respond to said rumours and replied, “I think it’s what everybody is looking forward to, I am [also looking forward to it] too. I will let you know if I’m really pregnant.”

She smiled and left for her car hurriedly when reporters continued probing if she has come up with names for her child and the gender of the baby. Tarcy has reportedly stopped work to take care of her family and the unborn child.

44岁苏慧伦被爆怀孕3个月 全面停工安胎2.jpg

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