Tavia Yeung: No plans for a child this year

No kids this year for the newly wedded couple


Photos: PBE Media

Newly wedded Tavia Yeung revealed in a radio interview that she had no plans for a child with husband Him Law this year. The couple would only start planning for a child after the ceremony has been done, said Tavia, confirming that the newlyweds will not become parents before the year ends.

The 36-year-old also revealed that their wedding banquet will be held at the end of the year.

Tavia shared that she does not mind people urging the couple to have a child soon and that personally, she is not anxious to become a mother, as “it’s up to fate as well”, assuring everyone that she will inform the public if she is pregnant.

The actress was presented with a celebratory wedding banner wishing her luck in bearing a child by hosts Nancy Sit, Bob Lam and Ricky Fan at the radio interview.


When asked if Tavia would hang up the banner gifted to her by the show’s hosts, she laughed and said, “I don’t know what it’s for, but Nancy said she’ll have a banner for me to hang up on my wedding night [as well]. I feel that it’s very festive, if it fits, I’ll hang it up during the new year to try it out.”

The actress’s contract with TVB also ended in April, and is now a free agent. While she did not rule out the possibility of working with TVB on another project in the future, she revealed that for now, she would like to choose her own projects.

Tavia and Him have been plagued with rumours of a shotgun marriage after they held a top-secret wedding ceremony in England in March.

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