Tavia Yeung’s arrogance angers co-star

The Hong Kong actress was late for more than an hour for an outdoor shoot and did not apologise for her tardiness

杨怡迟到惹剧组不满 遭对手钱小豪黑脸

Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung was reportedly more than an hour late for an outdoor shoot for drama Wudang Martial Arts and angered co-star Chin Siu Ho, who turned up on time with the other temporary actors.

The entire crew have been on standby since the stipulated time and journalists heard Siu Ho asking crew members how long more must he wait for the actress, saying, “I thought we were supposed to be ready by 5.30 pm? Is this professional? I’m really old, I’m out of this.”

When Tavia finally showed up, she did not apologise and greeted Siu Ho as per normal, who replied her nonchalantly.

The two actors, who play lovers in the drama, were arranged to sit together but Siu Ho was evidently unhappy and refused to interact with her, finally leaving to chat with the crew members.

An insider revealed, “Before we started filming, the actors had to attend Taiji and martial arts classes but Tavia did not attend them at all, eventually slowing down the filming progress. Siu Ho does not have a good impression of her and does not like that the director has to listen to her because of her airs.”

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