Tavia Yeung’s terms for contract renewal angers her company

The actress is said to have asked for 2 times her current rate


Photos: PBE Media
All seems well in love, but not at work for Tavia Yeung, who recently got married to actor Him Law secretly in England.

The actress, whose contract is due to expire in 3 days’ time, is currently negotiating the terms of her new contract with current company, TVB. Discussions for her contract renewal have been ongoing for half a year, with no result.

The reason behind the lengthy discussions is due to the fact that Tavia, who knew that TVB has a shortage of female artistes, is said to have asked for her current pay to be increased two-fold.

TVB is currently relooking their contract negotiations with Tavia after the actress did not notify her company about her plans to wed in England. The company is said to have also taken into consideration her request for an increase in performance fees, as well as the fact that her current contract includes that of her manager.

Yesterday, Tavia turned up at an event to promote her latest drama, The Last Healer In Forbidden City, and was teased by her co-stars Roger Kwok and Helena Law, who joked with her about her wedding. 

Tavia, who admitted that she is not used to her new status as Mrs Law, said that the couple will hold their wedding banquet by the end of the year. As for their plans for a baby, the couple has agreed to let nature run its course.

When asked to comment on her contract renewal, Tavia said, “If I were to continue my contract, I wish to have terms that are more comfortable for me. My relationship with the company is like that of a couple, and I wish to reach a common ground in our negotiations.”

While conversing, the actress also let on that the chances of her contract being renewed are high.

TVB’s assistant general manager also said yesterday, “It was great discussing with Tavia, the terms that she asked for are not outrageous, and are very reasonable,” when asked whether Tavia would renew her contract with TVB.

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