Thai woman claims affair with Vic Chou

‘Pear’ shocked to learn actor had married Reen Yu


A Thai woman known by the nickname Pear claimed at a press conference yesterday that she had had a one-night stand with Taiwanese actor and singer Vic Chou, 34, one-fourth of the boyband F4.

Pear said the tryst took place when Vic was filming Go Lala Go in Koh Samui last year, and she made public purported text messages between them to prove her point.

In January the woman came out to say she had had intimate relations with Vic, who she said did not tell her he had a girlfriend then.

Pear gave varying accounts of her relationship with Vic, once saying she got to know the actor in 2009 through a mutual friend and started dating a year later, but they couldn't make it official because he's a public figure. In another account, she said Vic had raped her. 

Pear said she was shocked when she found out Vic had married Taiwanese actress Reen Yu last November. According to the text messages Pear had, she confronted Vic about his sudden marriage and his concealing his girlfriend from her, but he could only apologise.

“From now on I want to start over and be a better person, and about what happened previously I’m very sorry,” one of the text replies read. “I can’t put aside my work to focus on giving you an answer, but you’re still angry, so all I can do is apologise.”

Vic’s manager gave a short response to the latest rumours: “We won’t comment on untruthful news.”

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