Tia Li continues to deny relationship with Kai Ko

Tia Li said they are “just good friends” and “spoke too slowly” to explain that on Here Comes Kangxi

Tia Li continues to deny relationship with Kai Ko

Dream Girls member Tia Li was asked about their relationship with Elva Hsiao’s ex when she recently guest starred on Here Comes Kangxi, a Taiwanese variety show hosted by Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai. She said, “We are doing well… We are just chummy friends that get along well.”

The two have been spotted on dates since July last year and waved off rumours of a budding relationship with the “just friends” excuse. During the programme, the Taiwanese Mandopop singer added, “When we go out, we are always photographed by the media, but we try not to care about them. We just wish to be left alone.”

In January, Taiwanese award-winning actor Kai Ko was witnessed meeting Tia in a nightclub where they interacted intimately and acted like a couple.

Tia later admitted that it was a date, but Kai did not confess the same and responded, “She could say that?”

Yesterday, the singer attended the press event for her new drama Lost Claire and made it clear that she and Kai are “just good friends” and that she was simply teased by the two veteran hosts on the show and “spoke too slowly” to explain that they are not in a relationship.

Tia was also prodded about sparks flying between them, to which she responded, “You are all thinking too much.”

The Tiny Times actor’s agency have also denied the rumours of their relationship, saying that “people misinterpreted [her] smile as an acknowledgement of their relationship.”

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