Tia Li follows only Kai Ko on new app

Pop stars’ social networking activity reveals a possible declaration of love

Kai Ko, Tia Li

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has been found to be one of just two people singer Tia Li is following on the new social networking platform 17, solidifying the case for a rumoured romance between the two celebrities.

In a side-by-side comparison of Kai’s and Tia’s 17 account pages, Kai is shown following Tia and a host of male celebs, including Jeffrey Huang, Jaycee Chan, Elroy Cheo and Chen Bolin, while Tia only follows Kai and Jeffrey, a Taiwanese rapper of hip-hop group Machi.

Kai Ko, Tia Li 2

Both Kai and Tia joined 17 about a month ago. The social networking app was launched by Jeffrey.

The are-they-or-aren’t-they between Kai and Tia has lasted eight months, and is made juicier by their significant age gap — Tia is six years older. Fans online are fueling the speculation: “Are you seeing Kai Ko or not? Please make it clear,” “Tell me you’re not in any sort of relationship with Kai Ko,” “I only wish you two happy.”

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