Tia Li gets drunk at Kai Ko’s family party

Singer rests at rumoured beau’s home

Tia, Kai 1

Taiwanese singer Tia Li, 30, got massively drunk on Monday night at a private party hosted by her rumoured boyfriend, actor Kai Ko, 24, and his family at the restaurant they own.

At about 1 a.m., Kai got permission from his father to let the inebriated Tia rest in their home.

According to Tia, she had too much drink and she had faith in Kai so she took a short rest in his home. His parents were present too, so she said she wasn’t worried at all.

Tia, Kai 2

Other guests at the party included actors and hosts Chang Hsiao-yen and Bright Pu (aka Pu Hsueh-liang) and singer Stella Chang.

Tia and Kai have been romantically linked since May, but neither has confirmed their relationship status.

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