Tia Li, Kai Ko spotted in matching Star Wars costumes

Both actors post Instagram selfies while wearing Stormtrooper helmets

Tia, Kai 1

Taiwanese actors Kai Ko, 24, and Tia Li, 30, have each posted selfies on Instagram while wearing Stormtrooper helmets and matching outfits, leading many to speculate yet again that it’s a sign they’re dating.

“Everyone needs to stand up against darkness!” Tia wrote next to her snap yesterday.

The pair have been romantically linked since May, when they were seen out together on what appeared to be a date. And when Tia appeared on the Taiwanese talk show Here Comes Kangxi, she seemed to concede that she was close to Kai.

But neither party has admitted to being in a relationship.

Tia, Kai 2

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