Tia Li tired of attention on her love life

Tia Li has been under public scrutiny regarding her relationship status and admitted recently that she is “tired”

Tia Li tired of attention on her love life

Tia Li of Dream Girls and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko have attracted a lot of attention, especially since Tia guest starred on Here Comes Kangxi and said, “We are doing well,” which made the public speculate that she had admitted to dating the award-winning actor.

Although she denied this later on, the signs of their love gradually became more and more apparent until Kai was a no-show at Tia’s recent birthday party on May 11.

The day after her birthday, Tia Li posted a photo of her and her dog on Instagram and her caption expressed her exhaustion which is suspected to be about her feelings about Kai Ko: “We are all tired.”

As a result, many fans left their concerned comments telling her to rest well and to find a suitable place to de-stress.

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