Tiffany Hsu addresses breakup with Ethan Ruan

Tiffany Hsu responded to the media’s questions about Ethan Ruan, saying that she “needed some alone time”

Tiffany Hsu addresses breakup with Ethan Ruan


It’s been close to three weeks since Italian-Taiwanese model-actress Tiffany Hsu announced her breakup with model-actor Ethan Ruan last month. At the press conference for the Taiwan PTS series It’s Time to Wake Up yesterday, her first public appearance since the breakup news, the actress accepted questions regarding her feelings about Ethan.

Although she spoke plenty about the new television series, when it came to speaking about Ethan, her speech slowed down immediately.

During the post-conference interviews, she personally announced her status with Ethan, admitting that the two parted ways for a period of time and adding that she “needed some alone time”.

When she was asked about their relationship status, she admitted, “Everybody is bound to go through a period of breaking up. It’s to leave room for growth.”

Tiffany and Ethan, who have been together for eight years, suddenly declared a “cool-off period” last month, rumoured to be due to Ethan’s cheating.

The media asked about this rumour at the press conference, to which she replied: “I think that this sort of question is very personal and I don’t wish to bother anyone (with the news).”

Tiffany also spoke about how she felt regarding fans’ speculations about the two of them: “I just don’t listen and don’t look at it. What’s most important to me is focusing on what I am doing. Everyone else’s discussions about me are not that important.”

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