Tiffany Hsu denies getting back with Ethan Ruan

Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan were seen behaving like lovebirds, but alas, the rumours have been denied

Tiffany Hsu denies getting back with Ethan Ruan

Taiwanese celebrities Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan sparked more rumours about them patching up when the two were photographed last Friday (Apr 3) in the same car and behaving like lovebirds.

Their eight-year relationship supposedly ended a month ago when Tiffany called for a “cool-off period” reportedly in lieu of the 32-year-old actor’s cheating. Last week, the media even concluded that they were over each other.

However a few days later, the two were photographed together in a car and 30-year-old Tiffany was seen heading to the “love nest” they used to share. Subsequently, Ethan also drove her to a department store, behaving just like they used to when they were together.

On Facebook, Tiffany denied speculations about a reconciliation, stressing that she had only gone back to the house to pick up something, and had not moved back in.

The actress gave indirect denial remarks: “I am like I used to be, just living my own life and focusing on my work.” She added that what she needs most right now is peace and quiet as she is “training [herself] to be more independent, working hard to make everything [she does] worthwhile.”

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