Tiffany Hsu denies she’s back together with Ethan Ruan

Actress says she knows who leaked the rumours

Ethan, Tiffany

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, 31, denied she and former boyfriend Ethan Ruan have reconciled, and added she knows who leaked the false rumours.

While making an appearance at an event on Wednesday, the actress said, “I have a good idea who that friend is, and he isn’t actually a friend of mine. Just because I don’t step out to deny these rumours, it doesn’t mean they can go on.”

She added she was still single and was tired of the media placing an inordinate amount of attention on her love life.

Tiffany and Ethan broke up in March after dating for eight years, and the cause was widely believed to be his habit of cheating on her.

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