Tiffany Hsu: I’ve not seen Ethan Ruan for 43 days

Tiffany clarified why she returned to their former love nest and emphasised the fact that the two of them have not met since then

Tiffany Hsu: I’ve not seen Ethan Ruan for 43 days

Taiwanese model-actors Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan’s relationship has been placed in the spotlight since they announced that they are going through a “cooling-off” period back in March.

On Saturday, 30-year-old Tiffany attended the opening of the Fragrance Oscar Awards organised by SaSa and addressed the reason for her return to their former love nest.

The actress explained that she only returned to collect a few things that she had left there and to visit the two pet cats that they had raised together.

Tiffany clarified, “Since that day we were photographed together at the house, we have not met up with each other. We are both busy.”

The Italian-Taiwanese model also added that it has been 43 days and that they only chatted occasionally over the phone. She said that they also agreed not to bring up the details of their feelings for each other anymore.

When asked about the status of their relationship at this point, Tiffany tactfully said, “Just give us time to digest it first,” and added, “We were never unhappy.”

Talking about her recently filmed horror movie The Tag-Along, she said that she cried uncontrollably on the last day of the shoot. Tiffany clarified that she cried because she felt freed from the constant state of panic and stress caused by the job. She shared, “I would have to wear my oxygen mask whenever I had difficulty breathing during the shoot.”

During the course of filming, she performed rituals for protection against evil spirits such as going to pray at ten different temples and using ay tsao herbs during her baths. Now that the shoot is over, she is very overjoyed to finally be able to sleep peacefully again.

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