Tiffany Hsu responds to rumours about Wang Po-Chieh with good humour

Actress writes on Facebook that she’s looking for more friends

Tiffany Hsu, Wang Po-Chieh

After “close friends of Tiffany Hsu” revealed that the 31-year-old Taiwanese actress is having difficulty letting go of her eight-year relationship with actor Ethan Ruan, Tiffany responded to the news with good humour.

“After I was done reading the news today, I had just one thought on my mind: Who are these close friends of mine?” she wrote on her Facebook page on Monday night, and added with tongue in cheek that she was looking for more friends.

Tiffany Hsu

The actress is now rumoured to be dating Ethan’s friend and her co-star from the crime thriller White Lies, Black Lies, Wang Po-Chieh, 26. The actor was recently spotted leaving Tiffany’s home dressed in casual wear, raising speculation that the two had begun dating.

Tiffany denied she was seeing Po-Chieh, and the two have nearly ceased all interactions for fear of feeding the rumour mill.

Tiffany and Ethan ended their eight-year relationship in March, widely speculated to be due to Ethan’s continual cheating.

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