Tiffany Hsu’s mother defends Ethan Ruan

Tiffany Hsu’s mother says the couple are still trying to work on their relationship

Tiffany Hsu’s mother defended Ethan Ruan
Taiwanese actor-models Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Ruan, who were reported to have parted ways yesterday due to differing opinions are said to be working on their relationship now.

It is rumoured that Tiffany desperately tried to end their eight-year relationship because Ethan cheated on her. Other speculations include Tiffany finding a new love and the couple’s differing views on marriage.

Early this morning, Ethan responded to the rumours on Weibo, addressing their relationship status as a private matter between him and Tiffany and said that it does not concern anyone else. He wrote: “Tiffany is still my woman and Dong Yu will always be just a granddaughter to me. Silly rumours!”

Yesterday, Tiffany’s mother was asked to comment on rumours that Ethan cheated on her daughter with his Under the Sicily Sun co-star Zhou Dong Yu, to which she replied, “There’s nothing going on, nothing at all.”

Tiffany’s mother shared that she does not intend to interfere in the couple’s relationship, when asked if she’d encourage Ethan to reconcile with Tiffany. “No, they have their own opinions. Just give them a break,” she said.

She also denied that her daughter has found a new love and added that Tiffany is not at home because she is currently abroad at a film festival.

Tiffany visited Japan with her family a few days ago and the trip was believed to be for her “recovery”. Her agent commented that the trip is a private family holiday which was planned since long ago. They also clarified that contrary to what was reported in the news, Tiffany has no new love interest.

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