Tiffany Hsu’s new man once slashed his wrist for love

Wang Po-Chieh’s failing relationship made him try to maim his hand

Wang Po-Chieh

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, 31, was recently said to be seeing Wang Po-Chieh, 26, but the latter’s eventful romantic past was revealed soon after: The actor reportedly slashed his wrist in 2010 over a failing relationship with actress Alice Ko, his co-star in the 2008 drama series Play Ball.

The pair started dating after meeting on set, but two years later things went south — Alice wanted to break up because she disliked Po-Chieh’s drinking habit and because the two spent little time together.

In a desperate attempt to save the relationship, Po-Chieh reportedly tried to maim his hand on East Heping Road in Taipei. The actor was rushed to hospital and later photographed with gauze bandages on his wrist and idling outside the emergency department with a cigarette.

Wang Po-Chieh 2

Po-Chieh made light of his misadventure, saying, “I was being playful! It’s a small matter. I hurt my hand, but it’ll go away soon.” He denied he tried to slash his wrist.

Tiffany ended her eight-year relationship with actor Ethan Ruan, 33, in March, reportedly because he cheated on her four times over the years.

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