Tiffany Hsu says she has no shortage of suitors

Actress talks about relationships for the first time since high-profile split from Ethan Ruan

Tiffany Hsu, Ethan Ruan

Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu said she’s now open to a new relationship, adding that she has no shortage of suitors and hopes her future partner will be earnest and considerate.

“I’m a Leo, I need love in my life,” she said during an interview yesterday.

The actress spoke about relationships for the first time yesterday after months of declining to comment on matters of the heart, following her high-profile split from Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan in March.

Ethan allegedly cheated on Tiffany four times during their eight-year relationship, once with a married Chinese celebrity, suspected to be actress Bai Baihe, which made Tiffany determined to break up with him for good.

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