Timmy Hung welcomes the birth of his second son

The Hong Kong actor shares his joy by posting photos of his newborn son hours after his wife had given birth

Timmy Hung welcomes the birth of his second son

Hong Kong TVB actor Timmy Hung’s wife Janet Chow had given birth to their second son nicknamed ‘Little JT’ on Tuesday (Apr 28).

The couple tied the knot in 2012 and in less than a year, they ushered the arrival of their first son. Yesterday, Janet had undergone a caesarean section to deliver Little JT, who weighs approximately 3.45 kilograms at birth.

While Janet recuperated from her surgery, Timmy excited broke the news on his Weibo by sharing a photo of his newborn son, in which his mouth was widely opened while he slept soundly.

Timmy wrote in his post, “Both mummy and BB (Little JT) are healthy, but mummy is a little tired so she needs some rest. I would be at an event on the 30th, so I would talk more about it then!”

Timmy’s father and renowned Hong Kong martial artist Sammo Hung was also happy to learn of the birth of his grandson. He commented jokingly that TJ bore a resemblance to him for being a big-sized baby.

Sammo also suggested the Chinese name ‘Da Ye’ (loosely translated as old man) for him, but Timmy swiftly rejected it as he wanted to name TJ himself. 

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