Tony Sun and Angel Han sell lovenest

The couple is reportedly no longer in contact after announcing their divorce last October

Tony Sun and Angel Han sell lovenest


Tony Sun and Angel Han surprised many with the announcement that they would be going their separate ways last October. Since then, numerous reports speculating about the real cause behind their split – including rumours of financial troubles – have emerged.

The pair has yet to formally reveal the reason behind their divorce but Tony’s mentor, Sun De Rong, has also taken to the media in hopes that the two will settle their differences and stop the hostilities between them.

Despite his best efforts, rumours that Angel spent NT$20 million (S$860,000) of his savings surfaced, with both parties’ managements trading accusations about the other.

Tony made an appearance on a culinary show yesterday but was not spared from questions about his personal life. When asked if he has recovered emotionally, he remarked, “I’ve always been in good spirits!” although his expression hinted otherwise.

Stressing that he does not wish to speak about the divorce in the New Year, he later let on that the house that he shared with Angel has been handed to a property agent and that he is no longer in contact with his ex-wife.

Responding to queries of whether rumours of Tony being chased out of their previous home by Angel were true, his manager expressed, “Divorce involves discussions between both parties and there will definitely be someone who moves out first.”

Angel’s manager avoided the question and only shared, “Both of them moved out after the house was sold. Angel has said that she will give half (of the proceeds) to Tony.”

Angel Han, Tony Sun leave trail of hints about their failed marriage

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