Tony Sun, Angel Han both fall sick after divorce

Emotional burden and heavy filming workload finally get them down

Tony Sun, Angel Han

Taiwanese actors and former spouses Tony Sun and Angel Han both came down with a fever after their divorce was announced last Thursday, and Angel was even put on drip.

While filming an emotional scene for her new drama series Taste of Life over the weekend, Angel couldn’t cry on cue and had to rely on eye drops to finish the scene.

On Sunday night after work, she was rushed to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. Her manager said, “Angel’s unwell and she wanted to take some medication and recover soon, but now she’s running a fever and on drip.”

Angel Han

The 35-year-old actress appeared feeble and ill, and her manager had to help her out of the clinic. Angel declined to take questions on her sudden divorce from Tony. She reportedly slept for less than six hours before returning on set to start work.

Tony was also running a fever on Sunday night, and he had visible dark circles while on set yesterday afternoon to film the drama series If God Loves.

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