Tony Sun, Angel Han show up for filming a day after divorce announced

Actor also busy with lawsuit against girl group members under his management

Tony Sun, Angel Han 1

Taiwanese actors Tony Sun and Angel Han announced their divorce early last Friday, and the next day both resumed filming their respective projects.

The former couple both denied speculation that their marriage failed due to quarrelling, poor management or having no children.

Angel’s manager hinted that finances may have caused the breakup, saying, “If the company had made profit, (Angel) would have gotten half of it and her hard work would have been worth it.”

Tony Sun, Angel Han 2

FDS Entertainment, the artiste management company founded by Tony, denied this. Its management agent Una Chen wrote on Facebook yesterday: “Since it began operations, FDS Entertainment has been earning a steady income.”

While preparing the paperwork for the divorce, Tony was also working on bringing legal action against two members of Sun Lady, the four-piece girl group under the management of FDS Entertainment that he has been personally coaching and promoting.

LinLin Chang and Minerva are said to have quit the group and FDS Entertainment on their own, without prior approval, and Tony is seeking compensation of NT$5 million (approximately S$210,000) from each person.

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