Tony Sun appears in good spirits at wrap party

Freshly divorced actor has drinks, takes photos at the private, media-free event

Tony Sun 1

Taiwanese actor and singer Tony Sun made an appearance at the wrap party for his latest drama, If God Loves. And despite divorcing Angel Han, his wife of four years, earlier this month he seemed to be in a good mood.

Out of consideration for Tony, the production crew made the October 26 wrap party a private, low-key event with no media present. The actor had a few drinks and took goofy photos with the cast posing with steamed buns.

Tony Sun 2

Tony joined the production in August, and he said, “I’m happy to get to work with Chen Wen-shan, Shara Lin and Tender Huang.” He even plugged the new drama, which debuted in July, saying, “The show will get more exciting, because Hsu Bo-wei (his character in the show) is about to appear.”

Tony and Angel took the Taiwan entertainment circuit by surprise when they announced their divorce on October 8. Many suspected their being childless was one of the reasons for the divorce, which Angel’s manager has confirmed.

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