Tony Sun posts bed selfie with the message ‘I’m Not Alone!?’

Actor expresses innermost thoughts a month after divorce

Tony Sun

Taiwanese actor and singer Tony Sun posted a bed selfie on Facebook at 3.20 am on Monday with the caption, “I’m Not Alone!?” leading many fans to wonder if he was hinting he had found someone new.

A few hours later he followed up with another bed selfie and a simple “Good morning.”

Seeing that the speculation was getting out of hand, Tony then posted a long clarification on Facebook, saying he meant that he felt comfort in knowing he had many supportive friends and fans.

“No matter how strong or brave I am, I’m only human, I have emotions, I get sad and there are times when I want to break down and cry,” he wrote. “I didn’t expect that ‘I’m Not Alone’ message to be misconstrued. It’s been tough on our media friends.”

“And now that I have your attention, remember that Inspector Hsu Bo-wei (the character Tony portrays) will likely be making his first appearance in If God Loves this week!”

After his divorce from actress Angel Han was announced on October 9, Tony has been packing his work schedule full, seemingly to distract himself from the pain of his divorce.

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