Tony Sun refutes claims of his financial difficulties

The Taiwanese actor was said to have owed his girl group, LamiGirls, a lot of money


Taiwanese actor-singer Tony Sun was recently said to be facing financial difficulties after reports surfaced that he had delayed months of payment to the 20 members of the girl group, LamiGirls, which he was previously managing.

The actor had previously teamed up with the Lamigo Monkeys and took the LamiGirls under his wing. However, the members have recently spoken out about their unfair treatment and said that they could barely get by under his management. They also said that they had returned to their company in November and have not spoken to Tony in recent days.

The members recently made a public appearance for an event and revealed that they had earned approximately S$220,000 in the first half of the year, but have yet to be paid till now.

The members added that they had no idea where the money went and expressed that “when it reaches pay day every month, we would be told that it would be given to us the following month but this kept dragging on and on. We were even told to fork out our own money for our hair and makeup first, and get reimbursed at a later time.”

After the group returned back to Lamigo, a member spoke out further about the situation and said that they had all believed Tony’s initial promise to make their dreams of becoming rich and famous come true. That member added that she was too naïve and would not be so trusting of people in the entertainment industry anymore.

However, Tony has responded in a post on Weibo yesterday and has seemingly refuted these claims.

“Thank you everyone for your concern and I believe that those who know me well know that I have always given my all in whatever I do. I do not like to complicate things and especially hate to bore people with unnecessary information,” the actor shared.

He added that it was disappointing that such news could have made headlines and yet, no appreciation had been made to him for all his hard work of grooming aspiring artistes.

Prior to the LamiGirls, Tony had initially managed his first group back in 2010, Sun Lady, but the group ran into some legal issues as two members left halfway, causing the group to disband eventually.

Photos: PBE Media

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