Tony Sun still can’t get over his divorce

The singer-actor confessed that he’s afraid of getting rejected


Tony Sun recently guested on the variety show, Genius Go Go Go and talked about his life after divorce.

Tony and his ex-wife, Angel Han, announced that they filed for a divorce after four years of marriage in October last year, shocking everyone with the unexpected news. After the announcement, the duo was subjected to intense media attention, with numerous speculations over why their marriage failed.

It was said that the couple had decided to divorce due to financial problems and the involvement of a third-party, amidst ambiguous social media postings by the ex-couple.

Eight months after their divorce, the singer-actor guested on the variety show, Genius Go Go Go and confessed that he “cannot get past the emotional barriers put up by his heart”, and that he can’t pursue another relationship at the moment.

The 38-year-old also divulged that he had tried to hit on a Chinese-Japanese flight attendant once, but couldn’t muster up the courage to ask her out on a date in the end.

When asked if he will try to ask someone else out in the future, Tony revealed that he’s busy with his work recently and has no time to pursue a relationship, even if he did manage to ask someone out. He also added that there will probably be no new developments in his love life in the days to come.

Photos: Tony Sun/Facebook

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