Tough guy Jay Chou cries on Voice of China 4

Coach tries to hold back tears, but latest elimination round makes him emotional

Jay Chou 1

Taiwan media reports that while recording the latest episode of The Voice of China 4, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou uncharacteristically betrayed emotion when he had to eliminate members from his team and teared many times.

The Voice of China 4 contestant and one of Team Jay Chou’s final four Chen Zitong revealed on Sunday that the night before recording the episode, Jay had warned everyone not to cry during filming, yet he was the one who teared from start to finish.

Jay Chou 2

Voice production staff also corroborated the singer had wiped away tears. Fans commented online: “Don’t cry, prince.”

Jay’s record and artiste management company, JVR Music, said in Jay’s 15 years since his debut he has only cried in public once, at a charity event last March when footage of suffering children made him teary-eyed.

Team Jay Chou’s latest eliminations may be somewhat controversial, but there have been comparatively few sensational moments. The final four on Team Jay Chou are Chen Zitong, Leon Lee, Gin Lee and Sharon Kwan.

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