Triad boss reveals Lin Chi-ling’s dramatic rescue from being tainted

Actress again denies involvement in international prostitution scandal

Lin Chi-ling

A triad boss has come forward and given details of rescuing Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling, 40, from a “dinner engagement” with a rich client.

A Brother Shun of Taiwan’s United Bamboo Gang revealed through his younger brother that one time in 2005 Chi-ling was in Las Vegas for work, vice ring mastermind Virginia Dai called upon Chinese-American gangs, including California–based Wah Ching, to coerce Chi-ling into a dinner engagement.

Hong Kong actors Eric Tsang and Jordan Chan, along with Taiwanese director Qiu Likuan, reportedly approached Brother Shun to mount a rescue operation, and he sent about 20 underlings armed with guns to the dinner venue, even making Virginia publicly kneel to beg for forgiveness and sign a note of repentance.

On the latest allegations, Chi-ling’s manager said, “You should ask the people who were present then.” The actress said she hoped the speculation would stop and wouldn’t rule out taking legal action. Likuan, credited for the successful rescue, said she was overseas right now and “didn’t wish to respond to nonsensical questions.”

Chi-ling has previously denied any involvement in the international prostitution scandal that erupted in late October, and is allegedly one of the biggest names on the list of female actresses and models Virginia was sending overseas to keep rich male clients company.

Lin Chi-ling embroiled in international prostitution scandal 
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