Twins record theme song for Angelababy’s new movie

Fans call Charlene Choi magnanimous for working with fellow William Chan ex


Photos: PBE Media

Hong Kong pop duo Twins, which comprises Gillian Chung, 35, and Charlene Choi, 33, recorded the theme song for the 2016 suspense thriller Kill Time, starring China’s Angelababy, 27, and Taiwan’s Ethan Ruan, 33.

Fans praised Charlene for her magnanimity in pitching in to promote Angelababy’s movie — she and Angelababy both dated Hong Kong actor William Chan before.


Angelababy’s and William’s five-year relationship ended in late 2009, and Charlene split from him last September after four years.

In response, Charlene said she got involved in Kill Time because its director, Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan, invited Twins to record its theme song, and said netizens were overthinking it.

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