Valen Hsu: Married life is like a Tango

The Taiwanese singer, who tied the knot with her Korean husband, shares how they resolve marital disputes

Valen Hsu

Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu held her wedding banquet this September in Korea after registering her marriage with Korean husband Choi Jae Sung, also known as Mr. Big, last November. Having moved to Korea to live with her in-laws since then, she recently opened up about her married life.

While it has always been said that Korean males believe they are the superior gender, Valen, who released her latest album Miracle in October, praised her hubby for being caring and supportive towards her singing career.

Although they also had their share of disputes, she was glad they could iron issues out in English which makes things less aggressive. The 40-year-old compares married life to a Tango dance, “When one goes forward, the other must move back. Sometimes we spin around and other times we bend down.”

Valen, who will be holding a concert in Taipei on Dec 26, plans to invite Jae Sung for a duet on that day as he has secretly learnt to sing her signature love song ‘Men and Women’.

Blissfully married, she revealed how much her father-in-law sides her whenever she quarrels with her husband, often calling him to complain. Although this made her “want to learn Korean quickly”, she does not want Jae Sung to learn Mandarin “so that I can scold him in Chinese when we quarrel without letting him know!”

Valen Hsu, Choi Jae Sung and her in-laws

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