Vanness Wu, Arissa Cheo still not “friends” on Instagram

The couple unfollowed each other nine months ago after a spat


Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu and his Singaporean socialite wife, Arissa Cheo unfollowed each other on Instagram in July last year, after an alleged spat, and have yet to follow each other on the social networking site, nine months down the road.

Recently, Vanness released his new song, ‘Faded Pictures’, which is said to be a peek into the couple’s complicated relationship, as the actor-singer had written his personal experiences into the lyrics.

Vanness and Arissa have been married for almost three years, and have been embroiled in divorce rumours numerous times, with the couple’s posts on social media adding fuel to the fire, though Vanness has denied these rumours.

Recently, Vanness has been busy filming for his movie in Beijing, China, while Arissa has been busy with her business in Singapore, and have not been able to meet, making their attitudes towards each other clear.

However, Vanness’s manager has confirmed that the couple are still married to each other, when questioned about rumours of the couple’s ‘loveless’ marriage.

Additionally, the actor’s friends have revealed that the couple have very straight-forward personalities, and that Vanness usually gives in to his wife. According to his friends, after their previous fights got out of hand, Vanness chose to remain silent, to try and protect Arissa.

Photos: PBE Media

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