Vanness Wu, Arissa Cheo go their separate ways

Arissa’s lawyer has confirmed the couple’s split

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In 2013, after seven years of an on-off relationship, Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu and Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo tied the knot, cementing their relationship. However, marital bliss did not last long for the couple.

Barely a year after getting hitched, cracks began to appear in their marriage, with both parties unfollowing each other on Instagram, and posting cryptic messages online alluding to their rocky marriage. 

Since then, rumours that the couple has since gone their separate ways have been rife, though they were still legally married. According to Singapore’s law, couples who wish to divorce each other may only do so after three years of marriage. Additionally, during those three years, the couple must live apart from each other, in separate residences. Following that, the couple must provide a valid reason, that both parties can agree on, for their divorce. If one party disagrees, the period of separation will have an additional year tacked on to the original three years, making it four years of separation, before a request for a divorce can be filed.

According to reports, in May this year, Vanness and Arissa officially marked three years of separation, thus, Vanness sent out divorce papers to Arissa. However, as Arissa disagreed with the reason for divorce, the papers were sent back unsigned. Following that, a second set of papers was sent over yet again, with the amended reasons for divorce being that Arissa did not support Vanness’s career, and that the duo had irreconcilable differences.


After the initial reports were published, Arissa issued a statement through her lawyer, stating that though she wants to maintain their relationship, it’s now impossible for the pair to mend their ties. Furthermore, as living together has caused unhappiness for the both of them, it was decided that they will end their relationship.

Additionally, Arissa’s close friend revealed five faults of Vanness that contributed to the breakdown of their marriage in an interview. The five faults stated included the fact that Vanness never returned home to celebrate special occasions and kept in close contact with other females, even forking out money for flight tickets so he’d have company during overseas work trips. According to the reports, he also refused to admit his faults during quarrels, and blatantly lied in front of the media.

Vanness, who’s currently filming in Shanghai, China, has yet to address these reports directly, though he has since updated his Instagram account with a post declaring his love for his older sister, who’s currently ill.

The 39-year-old’s management agency, when contacted for a comment, replied, “A marriage is between two people. The inaccurate statements by a third party who’s not involved at all is regrettable. We hope that the outside world will give the two of them some space. We also believe that in time, the truth will be revealed.”

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