Vanness Wu shoots back at divorce rumours

Vanness Wu defended himself with multiple Instagram posts after being speculated to be “unhappy” with his life

Vanness Wu shoots back at divorce rumours

Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu promoted his new movie Monk Comes Down the Mountain by posting a promotional poster on Instagram yesterday. The poster subtly included a quote which read: “If I’m not happy when I’m alive, then when else should I be?”

Netizens and the media speculated that this was an indirect statement hinting that he is “unhappy” with his life and suspected that he was foreshadowing a divorce with his Singaporean heiress-wife Arissa Cheo.

However, the former F4 member took to Instagram again to address the rumours and complained, “Dear reporters, I just meant to post a promotional poster and you twisted my intentions into something bad. If I can’t even promote my show, then I think I should just stop posting.”

Vanness Wu shoots back at divorce rumours

After that, the avid Instagram user continued posting more positive quotes and two more self-designed movie posters meant as a joke.

After his high-profile wedding with Arissa two years ago, the two have since been embroiled in a few quarrels on Instagram. Even now, many believe they are still referring to each other on their posts on Instagram. One such example would be when Arissa posted, “The Vanness Wu you see on television is fake,” and Vanness shot back, posting, “Watch your mouth.”

Earlier this month, Vanness and Arissa unfollowed each other, causing the public to speculate that they were hinting the end of their relationship. Plus, Vanness reportedly turned furious when he was asked about his marital status last week.

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