Vic Chou keeps mum about Reen Yu’s pregnancy

The singer-actor also did not comment on Ken Chu’s proposal or a potential F4 reunion


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Good news just keeps coming for F4 members, Vic Chou, who is going to be a dad, and Ken Chu, who successfully proposed to his girlfriend, Vivian Han.

Yesterday, Vic was spotted at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport, but did not comment when asked about the string of good news.

The singer-actor kept mum when asked about the gender of his baby and replied “no comment” when asked if he had given his blessings to Ken after the latter’s successful proposal and if he would attend Ken’s wedding.

The answers to the questions came from his manager instead, who answered that Vic is “anticipating the arrival of the baby, regardless of its gender” and implored for “a bit of privacy” for the couple.

As next year will be F4’s 15th anniversary, Jerry Yan has said that “the possibility of a reunion is high”. However, when asked, Vic would only say that the members “have not discussed the matter yet”, and gave no hints regarding the reunion at all.

Regarding Ken’s proposal to his girlfriend, Vic’s manager answered that Vic has yet to convey his blessings to the duo, as “the two are both busy with their own matters” and they have not contacted each other for a long time. “It’ll be awkward no matter what topic they talk about,” the manager added.


Yesterday night, Vivian posted pictures of Ken’s romantic proposal on Weibo, with the pink heart-shaped ring on her finger stealing the show.

The 34-year-old could not contain her happiness and wrote, “To me, this date has acquired another meaning. In the future, I will no longer be alone. With you by my side, everything is perfect.  I’ll have to trouble Mr Chu to walk with me, down the long road ahead of us.”

Her post was shared by Ken, who wrote, “Mrs Chu, does your husband know of your public declaration?”

Fans expressed envy after they witnessed the sweet exchange between the couple on social media sphere. 

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