Vic Chou wants to be a dad

But the actor insisted that he will get married before having a baby 

Vic Chou wants to be a dad

At an event yesterday, Taiwanese actor Vic Chou claimed that he “feels like marrying” his girlfriend Reen Yu, whom he has long since recognised as “The One”.

After their romance came to light in 2012, the couple has enjoyed a stable relationship while Vic has become increasingly open about his love life. When asked on marriage plans, the former F4 member revealed that they have been planning for it and that he hopes his big day would come soon.

Vic, who is afraid of “rushing into things” in terms of relationship, insisted that he would not have a baby before tying the knot, despite his wish of becoming a father. “I want to get married because I want to have kids,” he added.

Although Vic’s work schedule is filled all the way till Chinese New Year next year (including a new drama that is slated to commence filming later this year), the 33-year-old actor sweetly said that he would always make time to accompany his girlfriend, no matter how busy he is. 

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