Vicki Zhao implicitly criticised Golden Horse Awards

The Hong Kong Film Awards best actress reportedly expressed her displeasure for not winning the same title at Golden Horse Awards

Vicki Zhao implicitly criticised Golden Horse Awards

Things turned a little awkward when Chinese actress Vicki Zhao gave her acceptance speech after being crowned the Best Actress at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony on Sunday night (April 19).

Despite being frequently nominated for the title at the awards ceremony since 2008, the 39-year-old only clinched top honours for the first time on Sunday night with her highly-acclaimed film Dearest and was surprised when her name was called.

The Chinese actress was also nominated for the same title and film at Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Horse Awards last year, but lost to Taiwanese actress Chen Shiang-chyi, though she was highly favoured and anticipated to bring home the award.

After her win that evening, Vicki admitted frankly, “I really didn’t think it would be me (getting the award). When I was watching the ceremony, I was already thinking about how I am going to wash up and head to bed when I get home. I am really thankful for receiving this recognition from the Hong Kong Film Awards.”

However, the Chinese actress was said to have implicitly made a sarcastic remark about her loss at the Golden Horse Awards when she said: “Being in Hong Kong for such a long time, I can easily say that everyone sitting below knows who I am. I am really happy that I can use the acceptance speech I have written for the Golden Horse Awards at this ceremony tonight.”

On the other hand, Vicki has been dubbed “the biggest winner in life” as her husband had reportedly purchased a winery in France for her and she recently became a shareholder of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma’s film studio.

When asked to verify if the reports were credible, Vicki said bluntly that she does not know anything about investments. She also responded ambiguously, “I have had quite a tiring and difficult time as I need to juggle and do well in many things. However, I think it is exaggerated when I have to bear the responsibility for things done by others.”

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