Vincent Wong injured while filming speeding car scene

Actor’s forehead, eyelid suffer gashes


Hong Kong actor Vincent Wong, 32, suffered cuts on his forehead and left eyelid after he crashed into a lorry while filming a speeding car scene on Sunday afternoon.

The accident took place while Vincent was on set in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, for a new drama series Fatal Resurrection.

He appeared to be in pain when the crew helped him out of the vehicle he was in, and he kept asking for water.

The actor boarded an ambulance and after he was treated his forehead and eyelid were covered in gauze bandages, as was his right index finger.


Speaking to the media from his hospital bed, Vincent said his head was in pain, but a scan revealed he hadn’t suffered any concussion. He added he didn’t know where he had hit his head and the swelling was serious.

Vincent’s scans reportedly showed no internal bleeding or fractures, and the actor would need a few days’ rest after the swelling goes down. The drama’s executive producer said he would adjust the filming schedule to accommodate Vincent.

The actor said he informed his wife, actress Yoyo Chen, and his mother the first chance he got. “I can handle it and I hope to recover soon,” he said. “I feel guilty about making my family worry. I had not suffered a car accident while filming or in real life, and thankfully my injuries aren’t as bad as I had imagined.”

The couple married in 2011 and had one daughter the following year. 

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