Vivian Dawson not in a rush to settle down

The rumoured boyfriend of Jolin Tsai claims his parents did not pressure him to get married

Vivian Dawson not in a rush to settle down
New Zealand-born model-turned-actor Vivian Dawson revealed at an endorsement event yesterday that he has not been pressured by his parents to settle down.

Vivian, who is also the rumoured boyfriend of Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai, said he believes the interaction and feelings between a couple is more important than rushing into marriage.

When asked later if his parents have urged him to get married, Vivian replied calmly that he does not wish to make a rash decision as marriage is a sacred life event that can only happen once. Moreover, his parents only wish for him to be happy and have not pressured him to decide on a wedding date.

Making his first public appearance in Taiwan after the Chinese New Year break yesterday, the 30-year-old looked refreshed on stage. Prior to the break, he reportedly had to juggle between filming a drama and movie concurrently, in two different cities, Shanghai and Beijing.

The budding actor was said to have endured periods of sleepless nights as he needed to alternate between the two states constantly, and had spent his well-deserved break celebrating Chinese New Year with his parents in New Zealand while Jolin went on an extravagant trip to Hawaii with her close friends.

On the other hand, Jolin also received attention lately when she was seen anxiously searching for a ring after it slipped off her finger while performing on a live television programme in China.

Netizens speculated that the ring was an important gift from Vivian and when asked to verify the rumours, at the event yesterday, Vivian teased, “It’s a secret,” before breaking into a smile.

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