Vivian Dawson spotted using dating phone application

The model-turned-actor is said to be cheating on his rumoured beau Jolin Tsai

Vivian Dawson spotted using dating phone application

Despite reportedly being in a stable relationship with Taiwanese singing diva Jolin Tsai for six years and speculated to be tying the knot with her soon, sources recently exposed a dirty little secret that may hint that New Zealand-born actor-model Vivian Dawson is cheating on his beau.

An unnamed female source claimed that Vivian is an active user of popular dating phone application Tinder as she spotted his name while browsing through the list of eligible bachelors last month.

Clicking into the profile of a man named ‘Vivian’ with a profile photo that resembles the celebrity, the source confirmed that the account had belonged to the 28-year-old.

As all Tinder users are required to sign up for an account using Facebook, it is almost impossible for the account to be set up by an imposter. Hence, this further fuelled the suspicion that Vivian had secretly created an account to pick up strangers online.

Moreover, Vivian was also witnessed to be hooked to his phone recently. Not only did he frequently check his phone while he was out with his friends, Vivian would even stop by the road occasionally during his bicycle ride to check his phone.

However, Vivian did not respond when the source requested to meet for a date.

Vivian Dawson spotted using dating phone application

Yet, it is not the first time the 28-year-old was said to be frivolous in his love life. Last September, a female netizen divulged that Vivian is a playboy who frequently dates women.

She even claimed that she had his text messages to prove the credibility of her statement, revealing the first seven numbers of Vivian’s supposed phone number to the public, which were later confirmed to have matched the celebrity’s contact number.

However, Vivian’s manager declined to comment when asked for a clarification on the issue. When asked if Jolin is aware that her rumoured beau is using the dating application, he also said that he is “not sure”.

Vivian Dawson spotted using dating phone application

On the other hand, Jolin seemed unaffected by Vivian’s rumours and has kept herself busy with her newfound interest of making cakes with fondant.

The singer recently surprised the children at a tuition centre with a cake in the shape of a convertible car that she has personally crafted. Some netizens praised her for “being beautiful on the outside and also having a beautiful heart” while others joked that they were envious that the children could ‘savour the taste of an expensive car’, urging Jolin to consider opening a confectionery soon.

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