Vivian Hsu alarms fans with 16kg weight loss

The actress gave birth to a baby boy in August

Vivian Hsu alarms fans with 16kg weight loss

Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu has alarmed fans with her drastic weight loss. She delivered a baby boy via caesarean section on August 13 and has since lost 16kg.

She gained 18kg during her pregnancy and is still 2kg away from her pre-pregnancy body, declaring that she will “only have one bite” for dinner as she is determined to return to her former weight.

A recent post on Facebook read, “Even though I’m losing weight and only eating as much as a bird, did you really have to take it so seriously and only give me one bite? Please at least give me two stalks of vegetables…” amusing netizens greatly.

Her photo, which showed her younger cousin’s plate in the foreground, showed her much smaller plate in the background, which only had a small piece of fish, one stalk of asparagus and a pod of peas on it.

Vivian has been on a strict diet and rigorous exercise regime after her birth. She shared, “After putting on 18kg, I only have 2kg more to go! I run for a minimum of 45 minutes every day but time passes without me realising it as long as I choose a show I enjoy watching (while I run).”

After running, she also does 30 minutes of stretching and goes for strength training thrice a week. “I must have more muscles than fat for my skin not to get loose! Your diet definitely helps you to lose weight but I can lose 1kg a week even without starving. Let’s work together to become both slim and fit,” she declared. 

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