Vivian Hsu ate ‘at least 2,106 pills’ during her pregnancy

The singer wanted to ensure her son was safely delivered


Taiwan star Vivian Hsu recounted the trials and tribulations of her pregnancy in a recent interview with Marie Claire, and revealed that while she was pregnant with her son Dalton, she ate ’13 pills a day, and had 300 injections during her pregnancy’.

The singer also added that she had to undergo surgery during her pregnancy as she suffered from cervical incompetence and the position of her baby was too low, which also resulted in her being bedridden for 162 days.

Additionally, the 13 pills she had to ingest daily when she was bedridden meant that she had consumed at least 2,106 pills throughout her pregnancy, a feat that even Vivian found to be unbelievable in hindsight.

Vivian revealed in the interview, “Many people don’t know that it’s important for pregnant mothers-to-be to check for conditions like cervical incompetence, or even what to ask their doctors [during their pregnancy]. If I had not suffered from the condition, I wouldn’t have known too. Apart from having to get injections and consume medicine to ensure the safe delivery of my child, I also had to get protein-s injections twice daily. The protein-s injections ensured that my blood flow was smooth, and that I could give the baby adequate nutrition, which is why Dalton grew up healthy”.


As she had heard that it was good for the baby to undergo a natural birth, Vivian initially refused to give birth via Cesarean section. However, as she had been under bed rest for too long, her legs were too weak for her to successfully give birth naturally.  Thus, the singer decided to get down from bed to exercise her legs.

After walking back and forth for an entire night, Vivian’s doctor told her that Dalton’s head had “swelled due to the pressure” from her walking, causing her to “immediately opt to give birth via Cesarean section” instead.

Vivian recounted her thoughts once she gave birth to Dalton, shedding tears as she said, “I really wanted to tell him immediately that I’m his mother. I wanted to sing songs for him to hear, so that he could recall the times when I sang to him while I was pregnant with him. [I wanted to] tell him not to cry, and that I would still be by his side even if the sky collapses, and not to be afraid, because I’m here.”

When asked what she would wish for her child, the 41-year-old said, “I only hope for him to be healthy, both in his mind and body, for him to grow up to be a happy individual. A happy person is strong, regardless of whether it’s in society, love, life or work.”

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