Vivian Hsu back to pre-pregnancy weight

Actress sheds 18 kg of baby flab


Photos: PBE Media, Vivian Hsu via Facebook

Taiwanese actress and singer Vivian Hsu, 40, announced on Saturday that she had finally shed the last of the 18 kg she gained while pregnant with her son, Dalton.

The actress also officially returned to work that day, after taking a 15-month break. Her weight loss regimen included eating mainly protein and vegetables and two mouthfuls of healthy carbohydrates per meal, and running for an hour every day.


Her manager said if she has to go to Taipei for work engagements, she will take her son there. “Vivian will keep herself in her best form and overcome every challenge, and she hopes she can tackle every new day with her iron will,” her manager said.

Vivian gave birth to Dalton in Singapore last August 13.

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