Vivian Hsu celebrates son’s second month

Family of 5 take photos in custom hockey jerseys

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Taiwanese actress and first-time mother Vivian Hsu marked her son’s second month on Monday with gift boxes of cakes sent to friends.

Vivian, 40, also snapped an unconventional family portrait with her husband, his two daughters, and baby Dalton. Vivian’s husband is a skilled ice hockey player, and the family of five donned custom hockey jerseys, ordered before Dalton was born.

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Vivian’s and Dalton’s jerseys read “319” together, which happens to refer to Vivian’s birthday, March 19.

Asked whether her husband was any help with looking after their son, Vivian said, “He’s experienced, he knows poop stinks so whenever Dalton poops he’ll hand the baby to me!”

Vivian gave birth to Dalton by caesarean section in Singapore on August 13, and the actress is working with her personal trainer to rebuild her muscle strength.

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