Vivian Hsu denies she only cares about her own son

Actress fights back against criticism that she neglects her step-daughters


Taiwanese actress–singer Vivian Hsu, 41, frequently posts updates on her 9-month-old son, Dalton, on social media, but that’s led some netizens to criticise her for appearing to care only about her own offspring and neglecting her two step-daughters.

“I detest this sort of stepmother the most,” one mean comment read. “They only ever post about their own kids.”

Vivian fought back on Facebook yesterday, saying, “The girls are at an age where they care about their image and privacy, so for every photo I take of them, I have to ask for their permission before I post it — that’s basic courtesy, and it’s not appropriate to do this too often.”

“No mother has an easy life, and there are many things that aren’t immediately obvious,” she continued. “If you don’t fully understand the situation, please don’t criticise others so carelessly. Women shouldn’t drag other women down.”

Regarding her position as a stepmother to two girls from the first marriage of her husband, businessman Sean Lee, Vivian said she was doing her best for them and had a clear conscience. Fans spoke up for Vivian online, saying that posting on social media wasn't the same as showing love, and that her being considerate towards her step-daughters was thoughtful.

Vivian gave birth to Dalton last August after a challenging pregnancy.

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