Vivian Hsu encourages a fan who lost her baby

Vivian Hsu wrote to a female fan who just experienced a miscarriage on Facebook

Vivian Hsu encourages a fan who lost her baby

Yesterday, Taiwanese artiste Vivian Hsu who has successfully passed her 27th week of pregnancy posted a picture on Facebook of her daily pills which she has to swallow after every breakfast. She joked, “I may be small, but I’m impressive! I can swallow five small pills at one go!”

Concerned netizens left their well wishes for her and some even commented: “Is it really helpful to eat that many pills?” and “You really need to take good care of yourself”.

Since 40-year-old Vivian began her pregnancy journey, her body has become very weak and the new mum is currently bedridden in the hospital and put on a tight watch.

However, Vivian isn’t letting her circumstances get her down, as she continued to encourage a female fan who recently experienced a miscarriage: “Our journey may be long, but our Father in heaven definitely has better plans. Believe in yourself and believe that your future will be good! We can do it! Let’s get through this together, okay? From Vivian with love.”

To ensure that she is able to carry her child to full term, Vivian has had to receive over 200 injections and needs to eat 13 pills every day.

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